anton octavian
animator / illustrator
Candy Can
2020, short film, 9 minutes and 15 seconds

"A vulnerable boy works very hard to escape from a stark reality. He surrounds himself by a world of toys and games but as the truth starts to emerge his refuge might turn out to be a trap."

Directed by: Anton Octavian
Script: Cristian Pascariu
Art Director: Andreea Gurban
Background Artist: Raluca Anghel
Animation: Anton Octavian, Andreea Gurban
Storyboard and Editing: Andreea Gurban
Original Soundtrack: Mickey Mouse Teeth - Performed by: Troup
Sound Design : Ionut Cosmin Grigore
Animation and Post Production: Animashort Studio

Original Footage filmed at Videolink
DOP : Marius Iacob
Director : Anton Octavian

Production Company: Safe Frame
Producer: Mihai Mitrica
With the support of the CNC - Romanian National Film Center